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Medical Devices
Project leadership in simple to complex devices requiring a broad range of technologies. We can start, drive and/or rescue projects your company needs to achieve its product development goals. Dr. Landry can bring over 35 years real hands on experience in developing and manufacturing medical devices to your project needs.
Companies can obtain to most up to date consulting in the science of innovation guided by the keen understanding of the people side of the process.

Leadership Development
Mentoring and development of leadership skills at all levels of the company.

IAOIP* Professional Innovator Certification
Certification, training and testing services can be delivered by Dr. Landry, who led the IAOIP* effort to develop the Professional Innovator certification program.

*International Association of Innovation Professionals

Company Profile:

ArtSCI Innovation Consulting offers leadership, management, education, training and certification programs designed to build innovation skills in your employees to enable them to engage in high innovation content activities. We support innovation development across all company types and functions. We have highly developed and sepcialized skills in medicals devices and healthcare.